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At Waimea Yoga our mission is to provide a welcoming space that is committed to the health, wellness, and education of our community through the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of mentors, teachers, and general public, empowering individuals to live their best life.

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"Chelsea is a dedicated yoga teacher (and all-around life coach) whose passion for what she does is evident. Through her guidance I have achieved several health goals (both physical and mental) which I had not thought were possible. Thank you!"

— K. V.

"Chelsea's yoga lessons are full of compassion and light on ego. I particularly enjoy how Chelsea incorporates breath work and meditation into lessons. In short: she's the bomb."

— T. L.

"I have been a regular participant in Chelsea’s yoga classes for over a year. Chelsea teaches from a flowing Hatha yoga style and masterfully weaves mindfulness and intentionality into each class. Chelsea is knowledgable, authentic, and joyful in her being and teaching style. I have made Chelsea’s yoga classes a cornerstone of my self-care plan and it always nourishes my mind, body, and spirit."

— Dr. Jamuna Wyss, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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